“Avery's Wild Party”
Season 1, Episode 20
Air Date

July 28, 2013

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John Peaslee


Eric Dean Seaton

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Stan Talks to Gran


My Parents Posted What?!

Avery's Wild Party is the twentieth episode in Season 1 of Dog With a Blog. This episode scored 3.0 million viewers.


Avery dreams of becoming President of the United States, so in order to land an internship with the town mayor, she and Tyler throw a party for the mayor's sarcastic and demanding daughter, Brie. After the party is over, Ellen walks in to discover that the house is a huge mess. To cover up what happened, they lie and say that they were throwing a birthday party for Karl, but Ellen then says she'll talk to him tomorrow about it. So they convince Karl to help them, but he wants them to throw him a surprise party that night in return. So when everyone jumps up to say surprise, it turns out that Bennett and Ellen were the ones at the door, and they are busted, then are grounded.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • Avery: I would now like to introduce Stan, my secretary of state.
  • Stan: I thought you said secretary of steak!


  • This episode aired as part of Disney Channel's Flash Forward Weekend lineup, along with new episodes of Austin & Ally, Fish Hooks, Jessie, A.N.T. Farm, Phineas and Ferb, Shake It Up & Mickey Mouse.


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