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Avery in Season 2
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G. Hannelius

Avery Jennings is a main character of Dog With a Blog. Avery is very hardworking and very serious. Avery cares about her family and is not afraid to take risks. Avery is also a straight-A student with a perfect attendance record.

Avery is portrayed by G. Hannelius.



Avery Jennings

In Season 1, Avery was sophisticated and girly, with ties and collared shirts that were tucked in, sometimes with sweaters. She also wore knee socks and always wair her hair straight in this season.

In Season 2, her look is more funky and fun with layers. She wears more graphic tees and jeans. Her hair is curly in this season. Her style seems to be more girly and fashionable.



Avery is a smart, nice and sweet girl. She loves school and learning new things. She is very nice to people and loves her family and friends, especially her dog, Stan.

In Season 1, Avery used to be shy and a little awkward. She wanted everything to be perfect and always made rules.

In Season 2, she seems to be more confident and fun. Her style also changes a bit and it seems more fashionable and girly.


Avery Headshot

Avery in Avery's first crush

Like the rest of the family, Avery makes her debut in Stan of the House. Stan introduces her as pushy, organized, and very over-focused. When the kids were given Stan to bond, Stan ran away after misunderstanding an argument he overheard between Tyler and Avery. Avery was effected the most, and burst into tears when she was told Stan was gone. The two then teamed up to get him back, and Tyler convinces Avery to break a few rules. Not knowing what breaking the rules was, she randomly tore off a billboard and slammed it onto the ground. Tyler told them they need to break rules that will help them, not just random ones. The two got Stan back by giving him a chew toy and bacon spray. When Bennett and Ellen caught them at the shelter, they were both given a lecture, where Avery realized Tyler was finally being a good brother.


In The Fast and the Furriest, when Tyler earned his licence, Avery was scared to be in the car, for fear of death or serious injuries. She kept quizzing him to make sure they were safe, much to Tyler's annoyance. When Stan crashed the car, Avery teamed up with Tyler and Chloe for a "Spartacus-type attempt, trying to get themselves out of trouble.

In Dog with a Hog, when Tyler and Stan tell Avery that she is over-perfect and doesn't take risks, she retrieves her school team's rival,  the East Glendale Razorback's, mascot, a large and chubby pig. The rest of the family is not happy with the decision, so they team up to bring it back to East Glendale, trying not to be caught by security.

In Wingstan, when Nikki moves in next door, Avery quickly makes friends her. After teaching Nikki how to whistle, Avery gets into an argument with her about how the family is crazy. She then tries to help Tyler, who is currently on bad terms with her, to try to make friends her once again.

In World of Woofcraft, Stan loves his new game, Realm of the Tower, and has been playing it with his online friend, Kilgore. When he finds out that players of the game will be meeting in the park, he and Kilgore decide to meet. But when Avery reminds him that he is a dog, Avery decides to pretend to be Stan and meet Kilgore. They decide to pretend that she uses a voice modifier so Kilgore won't be confused about the different voice.They also decide that Stan will tell Avery questions through a headset and ear piece. When Kilgore (whose real name is Kevin) and Avery meet, they become friends. Later Stan gets annoyed because Avery keeps asking different questions than the ones he wants her to ask and interrupts Kevin and Avery who were talking. This causes Avery to get annoyed with Stan. Later when Stan is playing with Kevin, Avery tries to talk to him but she accidently causes Stan to lose the game. Kevin (who is angry since he lost the game) insults Avery by calling her stupid and saying she is weirder than her mom, then kills Stan's avatar and takes all his stuff. Stan tells Avery that it never would've happened if she had stayed out of it and that it is all her fault. Later, Avery finds out that Stan liked Kevin so much because he didn't know he was a dog, and because of that Stan considered him a real friend. After Avery hears this she tells Stan that she considers him a friend even though he is a dog. When she tells him this, they forgive each other. Later, they get revenge on Kevin by breaking into his fortress in the game and killing his avatar.

In Bark! The Herald Angels Sing, with Christmas coming up, Avery is getting nervous because Ellen has always given her presents she hates. When Avery finds out that they will make lists, she is excited. But Ellen is upset because she likes giving surprise gifts and is able to convince Bennett to do surprise gifts that year, to Avery's dismay. Later, she meets with Tyler and Chloe in her room and tells them of Ellen's bad gifts. They are horrified of some of the gifts Ellen has given and decide to find the gifts she has gotten that year so they can get the horror out of their system. However, Avery is surprised when Tyler and Chloe get good gifts. Hoping to get a good gift this year she is disappointed when she gets a Christmas poncho instead. When she starts to say how much she hates the gifts she has gotten, Ellen overhears. Avery apologizes to Ellen and Ellen becomes determined to get Avery a good gift. On Christmas morning, both Ellen and Avery are nervous about the present. When Avery finds out it is a gift card, she is happy because it's what she wanted.

In The Parrot Trap, Avery, who doesn't want Stan to have to stay outside, encourages Ellen to to bond with an animal. Ellen decides to take Avery's advice and gets a parrot named Lucy. The family is fascinated with Lucy at first due to her ability to repeat words, but become uneasy with her when she starts getting aggressive. Soon, everyone but Ellen starts to hate Lucy when her squawking keeps them up at night. They try to cover the cage with a blanket, but she rips it to shreds. After this, Bennett calls the pet store to find out what to do with her. Even though he follows the pet store's advice, Avery, Chloe, and Stan try to figure out a way to get Ellen to start hating Lucy so she will get rid of her. Avery gets the idea to say bad stuff about Ellen around Lucy so the bird will repeat it.

In The Bone Identity, Avery is getting fed up with her nemesis, Karl, being smarter than she. When Karl hears Avery talking about how Stan has a secret – his ability to talk – Karl becomes determined to uncover the secret. He takes Stan to his house to try to learn the secret. Karl becomes relentless in trying to figure it out. When trying to come up with a way to stop Karl, Avery finds out that Tyler has been keeping his own secret – he is a math genius. Avery decides to take down Karl by convincing Tyler to compete against Karl in the math competition. While talking with the others about her plan to take down Karl, Chloe gets frustrated and runs off to Karl's house. While there, Chloe tells Karl that the secret is that Stan is a math genius. On the day of the math competition, Karl is shocked to see that Tyler is competing (because he doesn't know Tyler is a secret math whiz), but when he sees Stan at the window, he believes that Stan is somehow giving Tyler the answers to the questions. Later, Karl has a breakdown, insisting that Tyler because his dog gave him the answers. This outburst causes him to be disqualified for poor-sportsmanship. When he confronts Avery, she leads him to believe that she set him up and that Stan is just a normal dog. When Avery talks to Tyler, she explains she realized it was the perfect plan to protect Tyler's reputation and protect Stan's secret at the same time.

In Stan Stops Talking, the kids have noticed that Stan has recently been depressed, and has stopped doing what he loves, like talking. After Tyler, Chloe, and Avery share their stories with each other, they notice that ever since Stan heard about Chloe's seventh birthday party, he stopped talking. When the kids throw Stan a birthday party, they attempt to play fetch with him, but Chloe rushes to get it instead. She almost gets hit by a car, which finally gets Stan to talk. He reveals that he has been depressed because Tyler, Avery, and Chloe will eventually leave him, when Tyler chases his dream of driving a food truck and Avery going off to college. They soon help him by making him realize that he should live in the present instead of the future, and they cure Stan.

In Dog Loses Girl, it is date night in the park, and Bennett and Ellen go out to watch a symphony, called "Grieg in the Grass". They intend to leave Avery in charge while they're out, but Tyler wants to be in charge so he can earn money for a BMX bike. They agree to leave Tyler in charge, but they tell Avery to make sure Tyler does his job watching Chloe, since she is on a candy-eating binge lately. Instead of staying home, he goes on a date with Nikki, leaving Avery in charge of Chloe after all. Then Avery gets a call from Lindsay about a book signing at the local book store, so Avery leaves Stan in charge of Chloe, promising she will be right back. Stan quickly loses Chloe, thinking she ran out of the house; she is actually just running around the house looking for candy in unlikely places. Tyler and Avery have returned, and go out to search for Chloe, but they can't find her and go home to think of what else to do. They know Ellen and Bennett are about to leave the park, so they send Nikki to stall them to give Avery and Tyler more time to search, but they decide to call 911 to report her missing. Then they find Chloe (who had been snoozing inside the window seat after a sugar crash from eating a ton of candy), but not until after the cops arrive at their house. Chloe is afraid the police are after her for being a candy thief, so she leaves the house for real. Bennett and Ellen come home, wondering where Chloe is, then Karl shows up with Chloe, saying he found her wandering the streets alone, carrying candy. Ellen and Bennett tell Chloe she will be getting a big punishment, and leave her in the kitchen so they can talk to Tyler and Avery in the living room. Chloe takes the opportunity to leave the house again to escape the "big punishment". In the living room, Bennett and Ellen ground Tyler and Avery from watching TV for a week. Then Bennett discovers Chloe did not wait in the kitchen as she was told, so Ellen calls the police to report her missing, but just then, Karl walks in the door with Chloe again, finding her outside alone just as before. When Ellen asks how can they repay him for bringing her back, he says that Chloe's safety is all he cares about, but that he'd love to go to the water park with them, to which Ellen and Bennett agree, despite Tyler's and Avery's protests.

In Stan-ing Guard, to improve the security in the James-Jennings household, Ellen takes a self-defense class, and Bennett suggests they install a top-notch security system called the Homewatcher 9000. Annoyed with both of these choices, Avery and Tyler suggest Stan becomes the family watch dog. He is happy as he has found purpose in his life. At first he is doing a great job, but after three days of no sleep, he drifts off halfway through the night, shortly after Tyler sneaks out to go to the carnival to see a girl that works at the tilt-a-world. When he comes home, he is dizzy and ends up knocking things over and making a huge racket. Ellen, with her new flip technique, uses her newly learned self defense skills on Tyler. Stan sleeps through the entire time, so the family agrees that Stan is completely useless as a guard dog. Now with Stan out of the picture, they are thinking more about getting the Homewachter 9000. The kids realize that they'll never be able to keep Stan's secret with cameras everywhere throughout the household, so they come up with their own plan to prove that Stan can be a great guard dog. They fake a scene where a burglar is outside, but Stan chases him off. Later when the kids are in Avery's room talking, Bennett comes in and announces that he knew the kids has been faking it, but he'll keep it a secret so Ellen will quit her self defense class. Ellen comes into the room. She reveals that she also knew about the kids faking it, and she'll keep it a secret from Bennett so his Homewatcher 9000 idea is dropped.

In Freaky Fido, Avery is challenged by her teacher, Ms. Krupp, to have fun on her next school project. She is irritated that even her own family doesn't think she's fun. Avery begins work on a movie she calls "Freaky Fido", in which a boy and a dog, played by Tyler and Stan, switch bodies. In the movie, they both panic as they see life through each other's eyes. At first, Tyler doesn't want to do the movie, because it would be embarrassing to act like a dog in the movie, but Avery tells him he will have a love scene with Nikki, so he agrees and the movie begins production. But when Avery is too bossy and controlling as movie's director, the whole family rebels, and Bennett explains that Avery's attempt to do a fun project resulted in no one having any fun at all. Avery makes another attempt, this time doing silly, spontaneous, fun things, but this only upsets her because, for her, the fun comes from being organized and controlling. Her parents advise her it's okay to be herself, as long as she doesn't ruin the fun for everyone else. Avery manages to find the right balance, and turns in a fun movie for her project.

In Guess Who's a Cheerleader, Avery's dream of being a flyer comes true when she is accepted into the cheerleading squad, so she starts hanging out with them. The other cheerleaders don't like Lindsay, and tell Avery if she wants to hang out with them, she has to dump her. When she does end their friendship, Stan is disappointed by her lack of loyalty to her friend, so he and Chloe put on a play to help her see what she is doing is wrong. Avery stands up for herself by telling the cheerleaders that she is the only girl in school that is light enough for them to lift and to be a flyer, and she keeps Lindsay as her friend. In Hitler's Works of Art, when Tyler enters the same art competition as Avery, Avery accuses him of only doing it for the money. However, when Avery accidentally breaks Tyler’s sculpture, she realizes just how much his work really means to him and Tyler breaks Avery's painting in return.

In Avery's First Crush, Avery develops a crush on a boy named Dustin Pitt, and in order to spend time with him she enlists the help of Tyler, who in turn wants her to help him get Nikki to like him. While revealing to Dustin she likes him, she finds out in return he likes her back, and then asks Avery to be her girlfriend. Avery accepts and they shake hands.

In The Truck Stops Here, Avery begins to work on her vacation to-do list, which is extremely long. She laminates her list, creates an ice sculpture, and makes 3D art in the park. When she realizes Tyler is still working at the food truck (when Ellen and Bennett told him not to), she rats him out.

In Avery's First Breakup, Avery breaks up with Dustin, and on the inside she's crushed, but is hiding to tell anyone how she really feels. Telling her parents it was a "mutual breakup", she tries to tell them that everything is okay. Stan starts to get mad at Avery for not sharing her feelings with anyone, while denying that she is anywhere near sad. Stan then concocts several plans to bring Ellen and Avery more close, but none of his attempts ends up working. Finally, he convinces Avery to go talk to Ellen, and the two finally connect like mother and daughter are supposed to.

In A New Baby?, with Tyler and Chloe, Avery and Stan try to figure out why Bennett and Ellen are acting suspicious.

In Stan Talks to Gran, Avery, like the rest of the family, is sick of doing chores given to them by their grandma, Nora James. After Stan talks, Avery and the other kids must decide whether or not they want to share Stan's secret with her.

In Avery's Wild Party, to help land an internship with a city official, Avery agrees to a throw party at her house for the official's demanding daughter while keeping it a secret from her parents.

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Avery is a sweet, studious and smart girl. She is a "goody two shoes" who can be a little mean at times but cares about everyone. Her appearance changes overtime as she matures from sophisticated to girly. She sometimes try to look like a rebel so people won't think she is boring and always follows the rules.


Tyler James

(2011-Present; Step-brother)


Tyler and Avery are typical step-siblings. They might say that they hate each other, but deep down they have a special bond. They usually make fun of each other, but they still love each other. They, along with Chloe, always try to keep Stan's secret safe. They also help each other whenever one of them needs help. (See Tavery)

Ellen Jennings

(1998-Present; Mother)

Ellen is Avery's mom. Avery hates Ellen's gifts but she loves her and hates to let her down. Ellen loves Avery and gets in her buisness at times. They have a special mother-daughter relationship and love each other a lot. They spend a lot of time together and always try to help each other. (See Elavery)

Chloe James

(2011-Present; Step-sister)

Chloe and Avery are really good friends and have a sisterly bond. Chloe likes having Avery as her sister. They tell each other everything and don't like to let each other down. Chloe idolizes Avery and hopes to be just like her when she grows up. Chloe and Avery also like to play pranks on Tyler and wake him up with silly songs, created by them. (See Chavery)

Bennett James

(2011-Present; Step-father)


Bennett and Avery show a lot of ineraction on the show. They care about each other and Avery goes to him whenever she needs advice. Avery may be Bennett's favorite child because of her behavior. Avery makes Bennett really proud when it comes to school. (See Bavery)


(2012-Present; Dog, Best Friend)

Stan is Avery's best friend who cares a lot about her as well as him, they have the best relationship and Avery is Stan's favorite person/animal, who she loves and takes well care of. Stan may be nosy on Avery's buisness at times but really loves her. Stan sees Avery as a cool person who knows is his real best friend. Avery does her best to keep Stan's Secret safe because of people who want to make experiments on him. (See Stavery)


(Best Friend)

Lindsay is one of Avery's best friends. They like to hang out with each other and never let each other down. They get along very well and always help each other. They, along with Max, are best friends.


(Best Friend)

Max is one of Avery's best friends. She, Avery and Lindsay are all best friends. Even though Max is a little different from the other girls, she's still a good friend and loves both Avery and Lindsay.

Nikki Ortiz

(Best Friend)

Nikki is one of Avery's best friends who is also dating her step-brother, Tyler. They get along very well and love spending time together. Avery also taught Nikki how to whistle and gave her advice about boys, especially Tyler.

Dustin Pitt


Dutin was Avery's first crush and in the episode Avery's First Crush, Avery tried to get Dustin to like her by saying that Tyler would hang out with them. Later in this episode, he becomes her boyfriend. But later, in the episode Avery's First Breakup, Dustin breaks up with Avery.

Wes Manning

(2013-Present; Ex-Boyfriend)

Wavery at the Dance


Wes and Avery are mutual crushes who met in Too Short; when Wes saw Avery he liked her but he was embaressed to talk to her. In Howloween, the two connect over their shared love of Halloween. In Lost In Stanslation, Avery attempts to tutor Wes in Spanish, with the help of Tyler and Nikki. In the end, he asks Avery if it would be inappropriate if he asked her on a date in Spanish, and she unknowingly replies that it is. In Avery B. Jealous, Wes asks Lindsay out on a date, making Avery extremely jealous. In Avery-body Dance Now they go to the school dance together, Wes gets jealous that Avery is spending so much time with Karl and they reveal their feelings to each other and become a couple. They break up in the episode Love, Loss, and a Bean Bag Toss when Wes and his family move away. (See Wavery)


  • Avery is a straight A student.
  • She is more organized than Tyler and Chloe.
  • She got her ears pierced when she was 10.
  • She wears clip-on ties.
  • She is the smartest person between Tyler and Chloe, but Tyler is better at math.
  • She has a best friend named Lindsay and they tend to always talk at the same time.
  • She likes to boss people around, for fun.
  • She is often sarcastic when she doesn't get enough sleep.
  • In Season 1, she used to often dress preppy.
  • She wants to be president in 2044.
  • She is a "goody two shoes".
  • Dab called her a "little parent".
  • She is the 2nd oldest child in the James-Jennings family.
  • She wants to be a math genius.
  • She currently had the most break ups in the entire series, her first one was with Dustin and then with Wes.
  • It is unknown if her biological dad died or got divorced from Ellen.
  • She thinks she's always right.
  • She didn't know about ditch day.
  • She and Nikki Ortiz are best friends.
  • She doesn't know Spanish.
  • She was born breech.
  • Karl gave her dance lessons so she could dance at the school dance.


  • "Aaaveryyy Jennnings!"
  • "Every day at 4:30 and 8:00!"
  • "Would you?"
  • "I call it... Freaky Fido!"
  • "Did he just... talk?"
  • "S'all Good."
  • "I really want Dustin to be my boyfriend!"
  • "Insert a really stupid nonsensical quote here."
  • "She called me a 'Little Parent' and said I'm too straight."
  • "Aunt Sigorney, you do."


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