Gracie James is a character on Dog With a Blog. She made her debut during the episode "Stan Has Puppies" on May 8, 2015.

Character Biography

Gracie was born to Princess and Stan in the episode Stan Has Puppies. Her brother is Freddy. In The Puppies Talk, it was revealed she has the same ability as her father, talking.


Gracie resembles her mother, Princess. She has a brown head and feet and a white body.


  • "Dada."
  • "Quiet, fool."
  • "Some people just make excuses."
  • "Starts repeating everything we say."
  • "I saw a butterfly out the window."
  • "What's tennis, Avery?"
  • "I got stung by a jellyfish"
  • "Daddy got Mommy."
  • "Stop teasing me."
  • "Stop copying me."
  • "I'm stupid."
  • "Hi Gammaw and Gamps."
  • "If you give us treats, we'll tell you everything we know."
  • "A,B,C,D,E,F,G."
  • "That's everything we know."
  • "Did it work, dada?"
  • "Hi, I'm Gracie."
  • (singing) "dog"


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