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Kuma originally portrayed Stan in Dog With a Blog. He is owned by Sarah Clifford. During the filming of the fifth episode Kuma's owner, Sarah, felt that the schedule was too demanding because of his older age. This caused her to take him out of the show once the trainers all felt that his younger dog double, Mick was up to speed on his training. Despite internet rumors Kuma was NOT fired, nor did he die from a seizure. Today, Kuma is alive and well living on a sprawling ranch in Southern, CA and is now only acting on a part time basis. When he portrayed Stan, his fur is dyed white with brown spots. His natural hair color is blonde. This information has been verified by Kuma's owner.


Year Title Character Notes
2005 - 2008 McBride Jesse Recurring Role
2005 Fielder's Choice Ceaser Featured Role
2005 Undiscovered Luke's Runyon Canyon Dog (Uncredited)
2007 Sacrifices of the Heart Wilbur Featured Role
2007 An American Crime Dog
2007 Man in the Chair Animal Shelter Dog
2007 Chasing Tchaikovsky King
2007 Saving Angelo Angelo (Short) Lead
2008 Cop Dog Marlowe Main Role
2009 Among Wolves Bear Main Role
2012 Wrong Paul
2012 Dog With a Blog Stan 3 sesons


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  • Kuma is a natural blond. He was dyed brown and black for his role as "Stan" for Dog With a Blog in 2011.
  • Kuma played the lead role of Marlowe in the kids movie Cop Dog. He was given an opening credit. SeeStanBlog

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