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Avery Jennings


Linds (by Avery Jennings)
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Dog with a Hog

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Avery-body Dance Now


Kayla Maisonet

Lindsay is Avery's best friend (or BFF). She is a recurring character in Dog With a Blog.


In The Fast and the Furriest Lindsay was mentioned by Avery to go see a movie.

In Dog With A Hog Lindsay makes her first physical appearance on the show, talking to Avery that she needs a mascot for the assembly, and helped Avery when Stan got lost.

In The Bone Identity, she helped Avery make sure Karl wasn't up to anything when he called them into the janitor's closet.

Lindsay with Avery, Maddie and Brie
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In Guess Who's a Cheerleader, Avery begins to avoid Lindsay because the other cheerleaders tell her to. At the end, they both make up.

She was also mentioned by Avery in The Fast and the Furriest, Dog Loses Girl and Avery's First Crush, when Avery was talking to her on the phone for reasons like having Tyler drive them to a movie and alerting Avery of a book-signing event at their local store and Avery's mom mentioned her, but Avery says that she was out of town.

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Lindsay and Avery watch Bennett and Ellen's video.
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In My Parents Posted What?!, Lindsay freaks out with Avery after Ellen and Bennett post a video on Avery's Buddy Bop account.


Lindsay is sassy and girly, very similar to Avery. She talks really fast a lot, which is why the two are best friends. She is also portrayed to be a little dumbstruck. Lindsay helps Avery with the problems in every episode she's appeared. She also never backs down on her BFF and they do very girly things together.


Lindsay is about the same height as Avery, and has long, curly hair. She often wears girly hats. Lindsay always wears dresses with jackets and flats with girly designs.


Avery Jennings

Avery is Lindsay's best friend. It is unknown how long they have been friends, though it has been revealed they became friends because they both talk very fast. It is also implied they have been best friends since childhood. It is seen Avery is a bit smarter than Lindsay.

Karl Fink

Lindsay seems to dislike Karl, as he is an enemy of her friend. However, they don't seem to have a bad history. Avery seems to dislike Karl more than Lindsay though.

Wes Manning

In Avery B. Jealous, Wes asks Lindsay out on a date. She agrees, which hints that she may have feelings for him.


Max is one of Lindsay's Best friends


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