Princess James is Stan's crush in Season 3 of Dog with a Blog. Her owner is Heather the James-Jennings Family's next door neighbor, who doesn't want Stan and Princess to be friends, as Heather dislikes the family. Princess is unable to talk.

Physical Appearance

Princess is a white and brown poodle. She also has a black spot on her body and wear a pink bow on the left side of her head. She goes to a dog spa as mentioned in Stan Has Puppies.



Heather is Princess's owner who is rude to Avery and Stan. She spoils Princess a lot to show her love for Princess.


Princess' husband, they got married in the episode Stan Gets Married. Unlike the puppies and Stan, Princess doesn't talk.


Princess' daughter, Princess has her labor with Gracie in the episode Stan Has Puppies. She was named after a receptionist who worked at where she gave birth.


Princess' son, Princess has her labor with Freddy in the episode Stan Has Puppies. He was named after a French doctor who got trapped in a closet by Tyler.

Episode Appearances

Season 3

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