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Realm of the Tower is a fictional roleplaying game that Stan has been playing for a few months. He posted all about it on his blog.  It took place in the episode, World of Woofcraft. He has two blog posts called, " Closer than Ever " and, " Realm of the Tower ". It is a parody of World of Warcraft.


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  • is realm of the tower a real game

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    • UGH I wish you would read the other posts! Realm of the Tower is NOT the actual game. It is BASED off Adventure Quest. Which means Realm of ...
    • Yeah, I was just making fun of the retards here.
  • is realm of tower real

    9 messages
    • no it is not all you get is this stupid website so no point of trying
    • it is real but the name is world of warcraft so their is is a free play up to level 20 world of warcraft

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