Here are the rules to editing; Please follow!!!


Episode pages;

Season 1 episodes (or Season 2, Season 3, etc vice versa)


Unaired episodes or aired episodes

Character pages;


The seasons they have been in (Avery would be in Season 1)


Teens, Adults or Children

Main Characters or Minor Characters

And the family they're in for the Mains, though.

(Not Dog With A Blog) even though they're in it, it's useless. This wiki is all about Dog with a Blog, why add a category? :/



Episode Galleries, Character Galleries, Actor Galleries (for male actors), Actress Galleries (for female galleries), vice versa

The only issue is with the categories right now -- We've all seen the A.N.T. Farm's categories, and we don't want to end up with all those categories.

Thank you. If more issues follow, more rules will follow as well.

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