M E.

Hiylooo. I'm Corey. Okay, I just love DWAB. Even though it has some hate, I think that the show will be successful. I'm 13, a long-time wikian, and a huuuuggee fandomite. I'm friendly, and a hard worker. I never back down from a challenge, which I consider a strength and a weakness. I'm bubbly. I find myself funny and cheery. I like to be up-to-date with everything, so I'm constantly on Google looking for updates and spoilers and the latest news on everything. Yeah. I want this to be an exercise to let me get to know you. So, if you'd please, describe yourself a little in the comments.


I plan to make sure DWAB is a series with the best wiki as possible! I want to keep categories clean, keep the character and episode pages sleek and easy to understand, and make sure this is a positive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy! I want to be an admin here, and I'm gonna work as hard as I can to achieve that goal! :)


Well, that's the end! I may add on to it or change it, so this may not be the end. But, remember to comment and state your opinions, and be sure to use my message wall if you need any help or have any questions or concerns. Goodbye! :)

 coreyy ♔message my wall. xD 

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